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Office Furniture

Current Trends on Office Design

Office design has come a long way since its very beginning made of closed off cubicle rooms and uninspiring indoor plants.

Today it is widely recognized that good office design can boost mood, creativity, and performance in the workplace and can also help to attract and retain a more motivated and skilled workforce.

Companies are encouraged to provide more space to move around so that staff can stay active and healthy as it helps to release serotonin to help boost mood and helps to deal in stressful situations. When it comes to furniture opting for a sit-stand desk instead of a standard desk avoids staff sitting in the same position for a prolonged time.

Creating a ‘time out’ zone with comfortable working chairs away from normal desks also helps boosting motivation and creativity.

The current trend in office design is to have open spaces, like a home. People want to feel at home when they are working and this is why office furniture companies are more often than not designing furniture that can easily adapt to both home and office environment.

Moroso is one of those companies whose products can perfectly blend in a high-end residential or in a corporate environment.

Within large open-plan offices it is then common to create cozy, private areas with high-back sofas like Lammhults Portus sofa system designed to create ‘a room within a room’.

These sofas can be used for relaxing, working independently or having informal meetings that can foster ideas exchange without the pressure that it is usually felt in closed meeting rooms.

Color palette and tones used in the workspace is also taking a more predominant role in workplace wellbeing. While several and often conflicting color theories have surfaced we believe that the key is finding a balance and creating a space that is comfortable.

Color injection can happen not only through wall colors but also furniture, area rugs, surface and textures.

Color injection through the choice of furniture upholstery can be a good idea.

Office Lobby

Office lobbies are like a business card often creating a long lasting first impression for visitors as they enter your office for the first time.

While major renovation might not be necessary that frequently, we recommend to give your office lobby a face-lift every few years in order to improve business relationship, communicate a new direction of your brand, create new collaboration opportunities but also to improve the productivity and happiness level of your workspace.

Few tips in ensuring that your office reception leaves a positive impression are:

-Make your office lobby design functional.

-Choose comfortable seating upholstered with stain resistant and durable fabric. Do not opt for copies/knock-offs as they can be spotted right away and it says a lot about what your company represents.

-Use well-placed and easy-to-read signage. This will reflect the internal and client communication of the company.

-Use a light as natural as possible that is able to create a well-lit space.

-Lighting can be a combination of different types of fixtures but it is important to remember to properly lit up all the different areas that make up the lobby.

-Avoid cluttering the reception area, avoid leaving boxes and parcels. Because of this is important to choose a reception desk that is not only aesthetically beautiful but also practical, with possibly storage space underneath.

-Keep your reception area sparkly clean. It might seem an obvious remark but when you are trying to run a busy office the tidiness and cleaningness of the office might not be immediately on top of the priority list although it should.

How to Choose the Right Type of Office Furniture

Although work dynamics has dramatically changed during the last decade the majority of people still spend many hours at the office. Whether it’s a home office or a big corporate space there are certain things to always keep in mind when choosing the right office furniture:

  1. Comfort: because of the amount of time spent sitting on a chair in front of a desk, it is extremely important to ensure that we follow the principles of ergonomics to reduce the burden of sitting at the desk for many hours and ensure that an 8-hour working day is creative and effective. For example, opt for ergonomic desk chairs that help avoiding problems with the spine by minimizing excessive pressure. Profim’s ergonomic chairs do exactly that. They adjust the angle of the backrest, modifying the position easily and varying the pressure on the disc. Choosing a stand-up desks also has incredibly positive effects on health as it helps breaking the sedentary habits of constantly sitting in the same position.
  1. Flexibility and Functionality. It is always important to consider how functional is the furniture that you are choosing. For example, how much storage space does a desk have? Is there enough space under and around the desk for employees to move around and stretch their legs?
  2. Finishes: keep the finishes consistent and choose something that reflects your style. Wood furniture can have a more traditional feel depending on the colour, while steel and glass usually have a more modern look.
  3. Never overlook storage space: they can be file storage drawers, fixed or mobile file cabinets or probably a combination of both. They are essential to keep a tidy look and work organized efficiently.


What to Add to Your Workspace

Apart from the main look and feel of your office there are few additional touches that can make your desk feel cozier and more personal. They are small, inexpensive changes that produce big results.

-Personalize your mousepad and computer equipment. These days they come in all shape and colours or you can even print your own with an image that reminds you of a great holiday or of an artwork you love.

-Get some indoor plants or flowers that can bring some colour, balance and happiness to your desk.

-Hang some pictures and photos of family and friends. You can mix them with inspirational quotes, postcards and more and display them in a fun, creative way.

-Bring your favourite mug rather than using the ones provided by the office. It will make your desk feel more like home.

-Invest in some fun desk accessories that can cheer you up. There are many inexpensive yet fun and creative out there!

Home Furniture

Tips on Home Renovation

It is a well known fact that renovating the place where you live can cause a lot of stress on a marriage or in general on a couple’s relationship. In general it is always hard to keep the work within the timeline initially foreseen and budget tends to grow higher than what it is planned. This is normal especially when decisions on anything from material, space planning, appliances are not taken in advance.

Perhaps one of the best medicine for it is to simple acknowledge this and prepare for the possible conflicts that may arise in advance.

But here are few tips that can hopefully help going through a process that should really be enjoyable rather than relationship-wracking:

-Have a conversation before the projects starts on the type of style, mood board, colours that you both love and agree on. It is important to be as clear and honest about it as possible as when the project gets started there might be times when one of you will have to make a quick decision without consulting the other.

-Get help from a professional who can advise you on the real costs of what you need to budget. For example a kitchen quote might not include appliances, lights, water system etc.. Also the cost of finishes vary tremendously so the stone top one of you might have chose might easily double the budget.

-Hire a designer from the start. This will avoid you making too many expensive and time stretching changes along the way. Changes that seem simply might actually require much more work than what you think.

-Set a timeline: you need to be very conscious about deadline. Certain appliances or fixtures need to be chosen way before some drawings are finalized.

-Try to find a time to discuss the renovation of your home with your partner in a relax environment and avoid doing it at the end of the day, when both of you are tired are more prone to get annoyed and nervous.

-Some items might be worth spending the extra cash as they might make a big difference in the overall look. They might not necessary be the biggest items in the house! Also, good lighting always makes a big difference in any type of interiors.

Choosing Furniture for Your Home

Choosing furniture for your home can be a stressful task. Although these days there are many applications and websites that can help visualizing looks, the reality is that sometimes an overload of images can create more confusion than support.

Choose a defined aesthetic

It is important to start analysing the way you like living in your home (rather than it being picture perfect). How much time do you spend in each area of the house? Do you want your living room to be relaxing or energizing?

This will help you choosing which type of furniture and lighting you might want to purchase for each space. If you would like to have a minimal and elevated space it is good to go for furniture with clean and sharp lines, keeping colours in shades of white and grey like in this Saba Limes Sofa (https://sabaitalia.it/prodotto/new-limes/)



If you have a couple of statement pieces that you absolutely must have or keep then make them your focal point and build your room around them. Find furniture, accessories, fabrics that complement and elevate that particular item in order to keep the whole space more harmonious and.


When buying furniture do not overlook the quality and detail of construction. Avoid buying anything that feels too flimsy and when purchasing seating (sofa in particular) comfort is key. No matter how gorgeous your new upholstery piece is you will not make use of it if it is not comfortable.



Colours have the ability of changing completely the look and mood of a space so it is very important to work on the overall colour scheme of each area. You can perhaps start with a neutral pallet of white, beige, greys and add accent pop bright colours. It is definitely not needed to over stress about colour matching, instead you can be bold and mix up patterns just as long as the overall palette does not get out of control.

When looking at improving your bedroom in particular, here are a couple of tips to help creating a truly luxury, personal and comfortable space.


- One of the secrets of why 5- star hotels bedrooms look so tremendously comfortable is because they master the art of layering bedding.

Layering has the power to give your space an instant glamour upgrade. Try using the super lush linens, covers and pillow cases of Frette. (https://www.frette.com)

- Use a statement bed frame to give your personal space some glamour and add curtains to make it look even cosier and intimate.

There are many different options, from four posts to platform, this circular bed from Ivano Redaelli is definitely an eye-catching choice (http://www.ivanoredaelli.it/en/night/glamour)

- If you are decorating a guest room that does not have a big footprint try to look at stylish daybeds or at sophisticated sofa beds like Ivano Redeaelli’s Madil (http://www.ivanoredaelli.it/en/night/madil) or Potocco’s Loom Bed (http://potocco.potoccospa.com/item/loom-daybed-880db/)

- Another idea for smaller spaces is to stick to a monochromatic look, especially with a light and fresh palette. This will help making the bedroom feel less claustrophobic.

- The importance of having a soft, stylish rug around your bed should not be under-estimated as there is nothing worse than stepping out of the bed (no matter how comfortable it is) onto a cold, hard floor.

You can find plenty of options here at Belgium specialist Limited Edition (http://www.le.be)


Here are instead a couple of tips that will help you when purchasing another main piece of home furniture: the sofa

It might seem obvious but the first thing is to know the exact measurement of the living room so that you can calculate what is the dimension of sofa you are looking for that will not only fit but also have enough space to move around at ease.

Consider also the scale of the rest of the furniture that will be around your sofa and make sure that they are right proportion-wise.

To enhance conversation it is important to create multiple seating areas, perhaps an L-shape sofa with two armchairs opposite.

Since sofas are items that tend to be used a lot on a daily basis consider buying something designed to last. If you have younger children or pets you might want to opt for a more durable and sturdy fabric or perhaps choose a darker colour that can cover up stains more easily.

Last but not least you can spice up things by adding cushion covers with stronger hues or patterns.

Our Top Brands



Moroso is the complete opposite of cookie-cutter furniture company and has a strong identity that it is immediately recognizable. Every product from Moroso is a piece of art you have a part in creating by customizing with fabric and colour. Moroso’s sofas, armchairs and accessories create excitement, fun but they are seriously sophisticated enough to end up in design museums. They continuous collaboration with some of today’s best furniture designers ensures continuous innovation in every new collection they present each year.



Saba Italia is a company that has been growing under the wise and long-vision guide of owner Amelia Pegorin. Still somewhat of a well-kept secret here in Asia, Saba has been creating stunning contemporary sofas and armchairs since 1988 that are not only technically excellent and beautifully crafted, but also at the cutting edge of the latest designs.



Kettal outdoor furniture pieces look unquestionably amazing. But what is even more impressive is that they are smartly made. Kettal’s outdoor seating and tables are made to look beautiful even without cushions, because all of their seams and hardware are hidden on the undersides of their pieces. The owner’s son is now actively involved in further pushing the limits of outdoor furniture and the results can be clearly seen year after year.



The Italian island of Murano, famous for coloured glass, is also home to Foscarini Lighting, founded in 1981. Whilst Foscarini originally concentrated exclusively in developing the traditional craft of glassmaking into lighting, the company has become a forerunner in the art form of lighting design. With designers of very high calibre, Foscarini has created some of the most iconic lighting design of recent times.



Although Potocco might not be a household name, this furniture company with almost a century of history has manufactured products for some of the world’s most elite institutions.

Defined by elegant soft shapes, neutral colours and refined details, Potocco’s furniture is designed to stand the test of time, both aesthetically and performance-wise. With a strong emphasis on the use of wood Potocco’s collection has grown to be elegant and sophisticated.


Black Tie

Black Tie, founded by Pier Luigi Frighetto who opened his first workshop in 1977 is 100% made in Italy.

The decision to call the brand Black Tie comes from the objective of the founder to have elegance at the forefront of his designs. With the strong influence of beauty, harmony and balanced form that is present in the region of Veneto where both the founder and the brand come from, Black Tie creates handmade furniture that can be specified in contract, hospitality and residential projects. All products come with a 10 years quality warranty on the structure and components of their pieces.

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