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About Prague Design Hub

Prague Design Hub (pragdh) is a boutique interior design studio led by Design Principal, Radovan Macak. We have a physical presence in Prague and design partners in Hong Kong and China. Our focus is to deliver conceptual design for interior with a fresh breath of artistry. With solid working experiences in Asian and European markets, we provide efficient and high quality service to our clients by combining the fast pace of Asia with our European aesthetics.

Our Top Project

A standalone four stories house located in Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong. The client is a cosmopolitan and well-travelled family for whom we transformed the space in a sophisticated yet welcoming house that allows ample space for both social entertainment and family time.

Location: Hong Kong

Customer: Private

A Furniture Brand We Like

Both our client and us love Kettal, the outdoor Spanish furniture company. Not only the quality of the product is outstanding but also it has vast collections to choose from and an incredible amount of finishes and colour ranges that allows you to really experiment. The outdoor terrace overlooking the South China Sea has been completely transformed thanks to Kettal. This is a space that we know our client will really appreciate.

Phone: +420 606 560 867

Website: pragdh.com

Radovan Macak

RADOVAN has over 10 years of experience in interior design including working in both Asia and Europe.
his strengths include his knowledge of the asian markets, his ability to blend european aesthetics with local cultures, and his unique skills in helping companies to create a more flexible workspace that boosts creativity and productivity.
in between 2013-2017, he worked as a global designer for corporate interiors in Hong Kong. he successfully captured the essence of modern corporate design and with his european aesthetics, he created many captivating designs over the globe for many well-known companies including microsoft, citi bank, cr vanguard, biostime (h&h group), swire properties, l’oréal, fwd, pwc, dyson and many more. a project that he lead had recently won an award at the a&d trophy awards 2017.
in early 2017, he went back to his roots in prague to create a hub of designers which focuses on assisting global companies to develop innovative conceptual designs.

Him Liu

HIM is the hub coordinator for asia.

with his own business in hong kong, his goal is to help more european designers to have an exposure in asian market.
since the start of pragdh, he had helped with a number of projects on business development in asia. apart from business development, he is also the designer who created our logos, website and other marketing materials.

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